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The "guess a 5-letter word" game on Wordle is similar to Tridle. In the game, you have eight guesses to try to figure out all three puzzles at once. Let's see how good you are at guessing in this more difficult version. This is a new kind of Wordle game that is becoming more popular because it changes the way people think about words. Playing online is easy. Just solve the puzzle and you'll move up in the ranks.

How to play

The main goal of the game is to find or solve three words on one screen.

To win, you have to find three words in a row. When a word is typed, it goes into all three columns.
If a letter turns yellow, it means that this letter matches that word in a different cell. If a letter turns green, that means it belongs in the word and in the right box.
If you can figure out the first two or three letters, it will be easier to solve the puzzle.
You'll win if you guess all three words correctly.

Have fun and good luck!

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