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There is a version of Wordle called Taylordle for people who don't think they can name a song in a few seconds to see how much they know about Taylor Swift.

How to play

After hearing a one-second sample of each song, players have six chances to get the song of the day right.

For each wrong answer, you can hear an extra second of the music to help you figure out what it is.

If you don't know the music, you can use the skip button. You might save time and effort by skipping to the next second of music. Most of the time, the game takes clips from the beginning of the song, but you can also choose from any other part. If your country doesn't allow it, you won't be able to use SoundCloud.

Just type in the name of the song, and the game will give you a list of other song names that sound like it.  The next song won't be shown until the day after.

Have fun and good luck!

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