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About Sectordle

In the game Sectordle, you can either figure out six seven-letter words in six tries or choose one of the 32 words that are available.

How to play

Sectordle gives you three choices: Classic Wordle, 6 Letter Wordle, and 32 Wordles.

You can change the number using the list above, or you can scroll to see which grids have letters and where they are.

If the grid turns green, the word is right. If the word is correct but not in the right place, the grid turns yellow. Nothing changes if there is no such letter.

The player would have 37 chances to figure out all of the words, and if they did, the number next to each word would turn green. So, it couldn't have any new words typed into it.

There is an option to check the statistics, and if the puzzle is solved, there is also an option to share it. So, keep playing until you learn how to win and become a pro.

Have fun and good luck!

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