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About Redactle

About Redactle

Redactle is a daily browser game in which the user attempts to decipher the subject of a random obfuscated Wikipedia article selected from Wikipedia's 10,000 Vital Articles (Level 4).

Tips you may need

  • Each estimate must consist of only one word (Guessing multiple words at a time will not work).
  • The majority of punctuation is automatically shown on the article page. Some punctuation occasionally slips through Redactle's filter and is redacted.
  • Guesses are case insensitive, and letters with diacritics (é, ü, etc.) are assumed to be diacritics-free.
  • Shift+Enter will try to auto-pluralize or singularize your guess. In some circumstances (for example, guessing a meaningless word like "asdf"), this will submit nonsense guesses.
  • There will almost certainly be some formatting and grammatical issues. These are the results of removing characters and elements from the original Wikipedia article that don't play well with Redactle.
  • For your convenience, many popular words are immediately shown. The list contains the majority of English prepositions and articles. Guessing these words does not affect your score.

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