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About Quardle

About Quardle

Quardle is a popular version of the well-known game Wordle. Every day, you must guess four words in this edition of the game. These words are arranged as a tiny crossword puzzle and intersect with one another. Simultaneously, the game structure and suggestions are comparable to those of the original game.

How to play

Fill in the blanks with any word from the first line (right side of the game). Then select the row or column in which you wish to enter this term. Select the number 1, 2, 3, or 4 from the buttons above the keyboard to do so. These numbers correlate to the numbers adjacent to the crossword puzzle words. Once you've decided, hit Enter.

You can now see how the letters in your word (on the right side of the game) have changed colors. These are only hints. Depending on the color of each letter, you can learn whether that letter appears in this word as well as other crossword puzzle words.

Your goal is to correctly guess all four words. You will have 12 guesses for this. You will, however, get one extra try for each of the first three words you guess. As a result, the most you can get is 15 guesses.

You win when all of the words are correctly guessed. Every day, new riddles are added. You must wait until tomorrow to play again.

Good luck and have fun!

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