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What is Lewdle Wordle?

Lewdle Wordle - The well-known wordle game now has a profanity variant. Play this obscene word game, but keep it away from children.

 Both Wordle and Lewdle work on the same premise. Players must accurately predict the five-letter word of the day in six attempts.

How to play Lewdle Wordle

In Lewdle, you have six chances to guess a target word. You get Mastermind-style feedback after each guess.

Each guess must be an actual word, and the color of the tiles will change after each one to indicate how close the guess got to be correct. As an example:

  • If a letter is highlighted in green, it signifies it is in the word and is in the correct location.
  • If a letter is highlighted in yellow, it signifies it exists in the word but is in the wrong location.
  • If a letter is highlighted in gray, that signifies it does not appear anywhere in the word.

Good luck and have fun!

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