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About Hogwartle

This new version of Wordle, called "Hogwartle," will show who the real Harry Potter fans are and who aren't.

How to play

Every five-letter Harry Potter phrase is in this fan-made game. It could say "wands," "books," or a name like "Harry," "Avery," or "Padma."
You have six chances to get five-letter Hogwarts words right. Hogwartle is the same as Wordle, except that only Harry Potter terms are used in the source and solution word lists. It works the same way as the original game in every other way. You are putting five letters into words. Whether or not a letter is in the last word, it will light up yellow or green. There is no way to say it in more than one way.

Only Harry Potter-related words can be used as guesses or answers, so a random player who wants to play might not get past the first guess without a complete Potterverse reference book.

Have fun and good luck!

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