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In Footdle, a player was picked at random from the top 300 players in the Top 5 Leagues. You can pick the right player 12 times.

How to play

In this guessing game, you have 12 chances to get the answer right. You have to guess the right name of the football player, who could be from any of the countries listed above. You can tell everyone on social media when you win and put them to the test. You also need to know the player's position, league, country, and the name of his or her football club. Every day, users will get a list of all the possible players and have to pick one of them to be the player for that day.

You'll get a new clue about an unknown player every day. If the match is good, the color will be green. If the match is bad, the color will be red. To make it easier to find players, almost every player in the database from the Top 5 Leagues (England, Germany, Spain, France, and Italy) is still likely to be a higher-ranked player.

Have fun and good luck!


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