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About Foodle Wordle

What is Foodle Wordle Game?

Foodle is a culinary-themed word-guessing game. Rather than giving your partner hints, you must describe food such that they can guess what it is.

After that, players will have six more chances to accurately identify the Foodle daily word. Every day, new Foodle answers are uploaded.

How to play Foodle Wordle

Before you begin, make sure you have a timer and that everyone is prepared.

As the questioner, begin by describing the meal as if you were questioning a criminal.

The answerer then makes an estimate. - If the answerer is correct, the questioner receives points. If not, the answerer receives points if they completed the required number of attempts.

Round 2 is the same as Round 1, except the roles, are reversed.

Foodle Wordle rules

To begin playing Foodle, enter a valid 5-letter food-related word.
Guess the day's word six times.

Each time you guess, the color of the tiles changes to show how close you were to correctly guess the word.

Post your score as many times as you can guess correctly.

Good luck and have fun


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