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About Bardle

Welcome to BARDLE, a guessing game that is based on the works of William Shakespeare. You have 6 chances to guess the word.

How to play

Try to figure out five-letter phrases that Shakespeare's characters or words used. The way Bardle sounds tells you if your guess is right or wrong. The green square shows that the letter is in the right place. If it looks yellow, it's not where it should be. Assuming that the letter has a dark tone, it's not anywhere.

There will be 5 columns and 6 rows on the screen.
Choose five-letter words from Shakespeare's writing or from the people he created.
You can use the keyboard to choose the letters.
To get rid of the letter that was written wrong, press the delete key (s).
Click Enter to make sure you typed the right letter(s).

Have fun and good luck!


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