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What is Anti Wordle?

In daily mode, the game Anti Wordle is played. If you've played Wordle and believe that winning is too easy, you'll be unable to stop playing this imaginative and difficult online word puzzle game where you'll aim to lose words with fewer clues.

In contrast to Wordle, this game requires you to try not to correctly guess the word. Nowadays, it's quite difficult to identify the hidden word in crossword puzzles because the program just intercepts your used letters and demands you to try arranging them in the correct order.

If you understand the rules and how to play, the game will show the length of time it took you to solve it and what you were attempting.

How to play Anti Wordle?

Avoid trying to guess the secret word as many times as possible. It seems to be simple, but there is a catch!

If you guess a letter that isn't in the word, it'll be grayed out and you won't be able to use it again.
If you correctly predict a letter in the word, it turns yellow and you must include it.
If you identify the exact position of a letter, it turns red and is locked in place.
Every day, just like in Wordle, a new game is added!

 Good luck and have fun!

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